Sunday, May 23, 2021

New Romances and Mysteries

Hello readers,

We've made it out of the Covid crisis and we have a new president and I have a new hip so life is good. I have some new releases of sorts. I wrote a contemporary mystery short story in 2008, Dead End Job, that was republished in an anthology called Chosen, last month. I  also have a bundled sweet versions, no sex in these, of two Irish novellas I wrote, Queen of Kings and Timeless Voyage. The individual ebooks of those titles are the sizzling versions with hot love scenes.

Two friends of mine have new releases. Julie D'Arcy's latest fantasy romance is called Time of the Wolf and P.J. MacLayne's final book in her Harmony Dupree series, The Ranger's Dog Tags was just released. 
I've read both books and loved them, and I've included them in this newsletter. 





The Sweet Versions of Two Irish Fantasy Novellas: QUEEN OF KINGS and TIMELESS VOYAGE.

In Queen of Kings:
As wild and beautiful as the land she rules
All men lust for her, warriors and kings bow to her might and magic, but one champion comes forth to gift her with a white bull and true love… but can the handsome stranger best her skills and win her heart?


In Timeless Voyage:
Neither centuries that have come and gone nor the seas between us can keep us apart.
As the Celtic pirate, Anwen, presses her hard iron dagger against the Roman's throat, memories of fated lovers, druids and sacrifice, stay her hand.

Kaeso is captivated by dreams of the woman he loved in a previous life, the mirror image of Anwen. In this lifetime they are foes, Roman and Celt. Can Anwen and Kaeso steer their timeless voyage to a happy destiny or will they be robbed of love once more?



An Anthology of Favorite Texas Mysteries


Mysteries selected by the writers as their favorites from nine previous short story anthologies: Dead and Breakfast, A Death in Texas, A Box of Texas Chocolates. Twisted Tales of Texas Landmarks, Texas Underground, Deadly Diversions, Denizens of the Dark, Menu for Mayhem, and Every Beast Has a Secret.
Book 6
(Oak Grove Mysteries)
It isn't the first time Eli Hennessey has disappeared. Is it the last?

Eli Hennessey has vanished.

His house in Oak Grove is in flames, his cell phone is out of commission, and friends in Florida can't find him. It's up to Harmony Duprie to track down her missing lover before her life shatters and his ends.

Harmony's first discovery: Eli tricked her into signing paperwork putting her in charge of his company. Had he planned his disappearance?

The answers won't be found in Oak Grove. Harmony hightails it to Florida in search of Eli and the truth.

The Ranger's Dog Tags, Book 6 of the Harmony Duprie Mysteries, is the final book of the series.


Time of the Wolf

(The Tarlisian Sagas) 

Sent by the Mage Brekan, Keilah, outlawed Princess of Carrum Bahl travels back in time to seek out Radin Hawk, the reincarnation of an ancient warrior king.

She is not prepared for the strong feelings she has for him or the feeling of familiarity.

Radin is always game for a good fight, but when the battle risks the woman who reminds him of his lost love he is not sure the price is worth it. But how can he leave her undefended to return to his own time?

They follow Brekan on his quest to defeat Anya the Sorceress Queen and right an ancient wrong. But wonder what he is hiding. Can they trust their feelings and each other or are they just pawns in a larger game?




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Saturday, May 22, 2021

Hot Summertime Romances

 Grab a sweet iced tea or homemade lemonade and take a seat on a beach towel on the warm sand or in a rocking chair on the front porch while you enjoy these quick reads. Summer adventures are all about fun. So have a ball (a beach ball) with these four funny, fantasy romance novellas for summer: The Unicorn and the Druidess, The Lynx and the Druidess, A Fine Cauldron of Fish, and Back To the One I Love. 

The Unicorn And The Druidess 

The Unicorn and the Druidess 

At Summer Solstice people aren’t what they seem—they could be… a unicorn …a god…or someone you fall in love with.

Druidess Maelona pursues a unicorn into the woods and returns with a runaway slave boy she takes under her wing. Before she can go back to look for the unicorn, a handsome stranger ignites a fiery attraction within her. But she can tell he's keeping something from her. She suspects that he may be a Roman spy.

God Epon’s blood burns at first sight of the gorgeous Druidess. Goaded by his desire for her he passes through the portal from the otherworld as a unicorn. Then he runs into the forest and she gives chase. There he shapeshifts into human form so he can get to know her better. Plus, to win her trust, he fights the Romans and saves her tribe. But even then, will he and Maelona be able to overcome the surmountable odds of a romance between a mortal and immortal being anything more than a summertime tryst?

The Lynx And TheDruidess

The Lynx and the Druidess 

Loving a god —has its advantages

Lleu, the radiant sun god, crosses between worlds to the Silures village for the fierce and stunning druidess, Wendolyn —a woman worth battling for. He longs to celebrate Lughnasa, the festival that honors him, with her.

Wendolyn is captivated by the striking stranger the moment he wanders into her village. Furthermore, she wants him with a fervor, burning her from within. However, he’s hiding his true identity. When he vows to save her tribe from the Romans marching toward them, everyone, including her dead father in a dream, says he is a coward who has run off.

Lleu is determined to win the love of druidess Wendolyn even if it means fighting the Roman army single-handed—by shapeshifting into in his lynx body.

Will her tribe survive the Romans? And, can Wendolyn and Lleu’s relationship survive her tribe’s mistrust of him?

A Fine Cauldron Of Fish

A Fine Cauldron Of Fish 

A  whimsical tale of an invisible lover, a trickster god, and the vacation of a lifetime. 

It's summer on the Isle of Man and Andrew is looking for hot girls and good times. So when he meets the dreamy and seductive Margaid, he thinks he's hit the jackpot. There are only a couple of minor problems: Margaid lives in a cave under the sea, is invisible, and thinks that only Andrew's blood can save her from turning into a water horse! But hey, whoever said love was perfect!?

This short, single-title comedy romance takes place on the island of the Celtic god Manannán mac Lir. It's full of witch and wizard type fey magic and lots of romance and laughs.

Back To The One I Love

Back To The One I Love

The thrilling adventure of first love and self-discovery is just as groovy the second time around.

A free-spirited, baby boomer couple, Cash and Keith, find their marriage of forty-five years unraveling amid apathy, boredom, and retirement. Cash feels Keith is no longer attracted to her and he’s consumed with a couch-potato life of streaming Orville and Game of Throne episodes all day long. Trying to hang on to their marriage and rekindle the romance they lost along the way they turn to a counselor. The therapist uses an unorthodox magical method of a time-traveling Volkswagen van to cast them back into the garden…four days of Eden at Woodstock….the epic music festival… where they first fell in love.

Will the freedom of Woodstock lure Keith and Cash to push their individual boundaries and seek new lovers? Or can Déjà Vu and grooving to music….truly lead them to rediscover the peace, love, and harmony they once shared?

I hope everyone has great summertime adventures and great summertime reading. 

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Back In Time To Beltane

 It will soon be May and the first of the month is Beltane (bell-tayn), in modern times we call it May Day. This festival of the ancient Celts celebrated Spring and the Fire God, Belenus.

The May Queen led the Beltane procession with her ritual courtship of the Green Man. These symbolic marriages of the god and goddess, in the form of King and Queen of the May, were mirrored in human courtship. 

One of the most popular May Day traditions was to set a basket full of spring flowers or other small gifts at a neighbor’s home.

One of the most important Beltane traditions was the Need Fire. Tribesmen built two huge bonfires next to each other and drove the tribe's cattle between them so the smoke would purify them and protect them from disease as well as grant them fertility from God Belenus. The tribesmen also ran or jumped between the fires for the fertility of the tribe. 

I wrote two books that celebrate Beltane:

The Dragon and The Druidess (Druidry and the Beast Book 2)

To a passionate man…all women are goddesses.
Druidess Nona is seeking a lover for the Beltane rite. Without warning, a fierce red dragon swoops down before her. Not just any dragon…it’s God Dewey in wild, beastly form. Hot, in a rage, blowing smoke and flames… because Nona’s tribesmen snatched gold from the earth without the gods’ consent.
Captivated by Nona’s beauty and bravery, sparks fly and ablaze with desire for Nona, Dewi flies away… only to land nearby and shapeshifts to human form. In the guise of a visiting warrior needing the Druidess' hospitality, Dewi returns to the village. But, he discovers he has a rival for Nona’s affection, a chief who will stop at nothing to have her for his own. 

The moment Nona sees the warrior Dewi, her passion ignites, she envisions them coupling together in the Beltane mating rite… unleashing powerful, magic. Little does she know, the handsome warrior is really the mighty Dragon god. What will happen when Dewi’s secret is revealed? And what evil might the jealous chief unleash on the druidess and the dragon god?

The other book is an anthology of Celtic Fantasy Romance Novellas of mine. 
Need Fire - Five Celtic Couples Risk All For Love

This box set includes: Moon Goddess Wife, Timeless Voyage, Pendragon's Obsession, A Fine Cauldron Of Fish, and Some Vampires Shimmy all published individually as well.

 A Fine Cauldron Of Fish
It's a hot summer romance for Margaid and Andrew on the Isle of Man. There are only a couple of minor problems: Margaid lives in a cave under the sea, is invisible, and thinks that only Andrew's blood can save her from turning into a water horse! But hey, whoever said love was perfect? 

Moon Goddess Wife 
Chief Pwyll's life turns into one wild ride the day Goddess Rhiannon gallops past him on her magic horse.

Timeless Voyage 
A Celtic pirate, Anwen, captures the enemy, a Roman seaman. As she holds a dagger to his throat... memories of fated lovers, druids and sacrifice stay her hand.

Pendragon's Obsession 
What if a warrior king wanted you so badly he'd turn to magic to have you? 

Some Vampires Shimmy 
It's all sizzle and steam when the last of the dancing vampire sisters get together with a sexy rock guitarist and a hot looking god at a Scottish Steampunk Con.

Monday, March 1, 2021

St. Patrick Day Romances

With St. Patrick Day coming next month, I thought I'd tell you a little bit about him and a little bit about my two fantasy romances set in Ancient Ireland, along with my nonfiction book about the High Kings of Ireland, which are great St. Patrick Day reads.

Maewyn Succat was born in either Wales or the lowlands of Scotland around 415 AD. His parents were Conchessa and Calpurnius—a Romano-British army officer and deacon.

At 16,  Maewyn was abducted by Irish raiders and sold as a slave to herd sheep on Slemish mountain. After six years he escaped, made his way to the coast and stowed away on a boat headed to Britain.

After his kidnapping, Maewyn devoted his life to serving God and went to a monastery in France to study under St Germain, the bishop of Auxerre. During this time he changed his name to Pātricius. He was ordained a bishop by Pope Celestine, who sent him to Ireland. For twenty years Bishop Pātricius brought Christianity to the people of Ireland, baptizing farmers as well as nobles and even the sons of kings.

 Here are two fantasy romances set in Ancient Ireland and my nonfiction history book of the High Kings.

Timeless Voyage

Neither the centuries that have come and gone nor the sears between us ...can keep us apart.
As the Celtic pirate, Anwen, presses her hard iron dagger against the Roman's throat, memories of fated lovers, druids and sacrifice, stay her hand.
Kaeso is captivated by dreams of the woman he loved in a previous life, the mirror image of Anwen. In this lifetime they are foes, Roman and Celt. Can Anwen and Kaeso steer their timeless voyage to a happy destiny or will they be robbed of love once more?

The Queen of Kings

As wild and beautiful as the land she rules, all men lust for her, warriors and kings bow to her might and magic, but one champion comes forth to gift her with a white bull and true love… but can the handsome stranger win her heart?

Forged of Irish Bronze and Iron: The High Kings

A legacy no one can steal

For centuries in grand feasting halls and around flickering peat fires bards sung of the exploits of High Kings such as Tigemmas—Lord of Death and Niall of the Nine Hostages, possibly one of the most potent men to ever live. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

38 Reasons To Self Pub & Rejections Ain't One


  • In 2007 Amazon did something new, they allowed authors to download their books directly to them, the distributor, without having to go through a publisher. So, when you download your book directly on Amazon or Kobo, or Apple, or B&N online, etc. you’re also publishing it at that time. That’s Self-publishing. That move by Amazon totally changed the publishing industry. 

Once I got the rights to all my books back from publishers I'd sign contracts with, I stopped submitting to publishers, and now I Self Pub only. There are many advantages of self-publishing for authors, including:

1.  You don’t have to sign a contract that gives away all your rights to a publisher that then keeps them for your lifetime and beyond (per term of copyright).

2. You keep the rights to your books

3. You control your release date. 

4.  You have total control of your book cover 

5.  You get to choose and have the final say on your title  

6.   You have total control of your pricing and any discounting

7. You get to choose your own editor—one that fits you, your books, and your writing. And, you can't lose them due to layoffs.

8. You get to choose your own cover artist. One that gets your books and your voice and understands what you're trying to project. And you get to use the same cover artist on every single book. 

9.   You don’t have to worry about losing your books in bankruptcy as you would if you were with a publisher that went bankrupt.

10.   You receive a great deal more money per book, a lot more than from a Big 5 publisher

11. You don't have to take the time and trouble to submit to literary agents or go to expensive conferences to pitch your book to them.

12. And, since you don't need an agent to Indie Publish you don't have to share a percentage of your royalties with them.  

13. And since you don't use an agent you don't have to worry about agent embezzlement which happens and has happened at a lot more places than just at Donadio & Olson. Mainly because agents are not regulated. They don’t undergo criminal records checks or have to adhere to bylaws.

14.  Moreover, you can release books quickly, within weeks of getting your book back from its final edit.

15.   You can write an entire series without ever having to worry about your publisher canceling your series 

16.  You aren’t asked to make major changes to the story such as your character’s race or culture or the time period or add more sex or less or put in paranormal elements are take paranormal elements out, or all the other types of changes Big 5 publishers have asked authors to make.

17.  You don’t have to write a book proposal to submit your book. 

18.   You don’t even have to write a book synopsis to submit your book.

19. You don't even have to write a query letter to submit your book.

20. If you find an error after the book is published you can correct it and republish it right away. All you have to do is make the correction in your finished document then reformat it or if you or your formatter use Vellum you can make the correction right in the formatting. Traditional publishes won't make corrections after a book is released except some small presses will do it for ebooks, but never for print.

21.   You get to pick the categories – 10 of them at Amazon that you want your book to show up in. With a publisher, you don’t have control over how your book is categorized.

22.    If your writing voice lends itself to cross genres and niche writing you can write that and publish it, whereas the Big 5 are not fond of that type of writing.

23.  Your books won’t go out of print. 

24.   You can refresh your books later—change the covers or the title, put a couple of novels or novellas together in a collection. You just have to reformat it or get a new cover or in some cases both. That’s it. 

25.  You have access to your eBook sales reports daily.  And you are paid royalties monthly. If you are with a publisher, usually you have to wait 3 months or longer to get paid and to see your sale reports. 

26. When you see tweets about late pay or no pay from an author, along with the drama of the publisher and other authors ostracizing them for "foolishly and selfishly" (that's not how I look on it) expecting to be paid for their work per terms of the contract they signed, you can let out a sigh of relief and mutter under your breath, "I'm glad I'm not with that publisher or those authors and never will be because …I don't sign contracts with publishers anymore."

27. You don't have to keep up with the latest small press publisher that is going down or being sold or showing signs of trouble, after all, you don't have anything with them or submitted to them—thank goodness.

28. If you've gotten rights back, you don't have to research the few publishers that will accept a submission for a previously published book, you can just indie published it yourself and make any changes to it you want, including the title. In other words, this time you can do it totally your own way.

29. Your books won't be pulled by a publisher just for tweeting about some type of personal experience you probably shouldn't have tweeted about. For example the Rare Bird/Natasha Tynes situation.

30. You have a better chance of getting on Amazon's Bestseller List. Just 16% of the e-books on Amazon’s bestseller lists are published by the Big 5.

31. You have a better chance of selling lots of ebooks. Over 30% of book sales in Amazon’s Kindle Store are self-published eBooks.

32. Your books won’t contribute to pollution by ending up in a landfill due to traditional publishings return policy. 30 to 40% of traditionally published books are returned to the publisher each year often without the book ever going on a bookstore shelf. For mass-market books, the covers are ripped off and returned, not the actual books, they go straight to a landfill or to pulp. Because publishers overprint and, unlike any other retail items, books are shipped to booksellers on consignment rather than wholesale purchase.

33. Your book can be published even without comp titles. In other words, even if it does not compare to 10 books that made the Big Five lots of money in the last three years or so. So you can publish a book written from a different viewpoint than usual, aiming at an audience that may not be mostly white or mostly male.

34. You don't need a platform consisting of some five-figure number of engaged people to get a nonfiction (including memoir) book published like you'd typically need when submitting to the Big 5.

35. You can create other products from your books through what used to be called Box Sets and now, if you publish them on Amazon, are called Collections. I took five individually published Celtic fantasy novellas and put them in one book. I took my duology novels, each published individually, and put them together as one book. I took my novella series and published them as one book. This allows you to offer a bargain to your readers to buy several books in one for one price. And it gives you another product with your name on it to draw more readers in. With traditional publishing, the publisher holds the contract. You can't do anything else with that book until the rights revert back to you.

36. You don't have to worry about your literary agency or your publisher going viral on social media because of charges of racial discrimination of sexual harassment.

37. Supply shortages due to Coronavirus or other disasters will not disrupt digital publishing, neither ebook or print on demand unlike Big Five print runs.

38. Online book sales are all you need. Most print books are sold on Amazon. Additionally, in 2020 online book sales rose 43%. Book Industry Experts expect that trend to continue in 2021. 

Please note that nowhere in here is the reason people presume we self-publish, that is that our books were rejected by publishers. I worked with 5 publishers before I decided to Self- Pub all 39 of my books. I have never regretted the decision to go with Self-Publishing.