Monday, May 1, 2023

Moms and May Day


Happy May Day - Merry Beltane

To celebrate May Day and Beltane - today on May 1st - Timeless Voyage is free in eBook on Amazon

Neither centuries that have come and gone nor the seas between us can keep us apart.

As the Celtic pirate, Anwen, presses her hard iron dagger against the Roman's throat, memories of fated lovers, druids, and sacrifice, stay her hand.

Kaeso is captivated by dreams of the woman he loved in a previous life, the mirror image of Anwen. In this lifetime they are foes, Roman and Celt. Can Anwen and Kaeso steer their timeless voyage to a happy destiny or will they be robbed of love once more?


May Day, celebrated on May 1st, is associated with love, as it is a day when couples traditionally express their affection for one another. The ancient Celts. called it Beltane. The May Queen led the Beltane procession with her ritual courtship of the Green Man. These symbolic marriages of the god and goddess, in the form of King and Queen of the May, were mirrored in human courtship. 

One of the most important Beltane traditions was the Need Fire. Tribesmen built two huge bonfires next to each other and drove the tribe's cattle between them so the smoke would purify them and protect them from disease as well as grant them fertility from God Belenus. The tribesmen also ran or jumped between the fires for the fertility of the tribe. Couples also danced around a May Pole as a symbol of fertility. 

I wrote two books that celebrate Beltane:

The Dragon and The Druidess (Druidry and the Beast Book 2) 

To a passionate man…all women are goddesses.

Druidess Nona is seeking a lover for the Beltane rite. Without warning, a fierce red dragon swoops down before her. Not just any dragon…it’s God Dewey in wild, beastly form. Hot, in a rage, blowing smoke and flames… because Nona’s tribesmen snatched gold from the earth without the gods’ consent.

Captivated by Nona’s beauty and bravery, sparks fly and ablaze with desire for Nona, Dewi flies away… only to land nearby and shapeshift to human form. In the guise of a visiting warrior needing the Druidess' hospitality, Dewi returns to the village. But, he discovers he has a rival for Nona’s affection, a chief who will stop at nothing to have her for his own. 

The moment Nona sees the warrior Dewi, her passion ignites, she envisions them coupling together in the Beltane mating rite… unleashing powerful, magic. Little does she know, the handsome warrior is really the mighty Dragon god. What will happen when Dewi’s secret is revealed? And what evil might the jealous chief unleash on the druidess and the dragon god?

The other book is an anthology of Celtic Fantasy Romance Novellas of mine. 

Need Fire - Five Celtic Couples Risk All For Love

This box set includes: Moon Goddess Wife, Timeless Voyage, Pendragon's Obsession, A Fine Cauldron Of Fish, and Some Vampires Shimmy all published individually as well.

 A Fine Cauldron Of Fish

It's a hot summer romance for Margaid and Andrew on the Isle of Man. There are only a couple of minor problems: Margaid lives in a cave under the sea, is invisible, and thinks that only Andrew's blood can save her from turning into a water horse! But hey, whoever said love was perfect? 

Moon Goddess Wife 

Chief Pwyll's life turns into one wild ride the day Goddess Rhiannon gallops past him on her magic horse.

Timeless Voyage 

A Celtic pirate, Anwen, captures the enemy, a Roman seaman. As she holds a dagger to his throat... memories of fated lovers, druids, and sacrifice stay her hand.

Pendragon's Obsession 

What if a warrior king wanted you so badly he'd turn to magic to have you? 

Some Vampires Shimmy 

It's all sizzle and steam when the last of the dancing vampire sisters get together with a sexy rock guitarist and a hot-looking god at a Scottish Steampunk Con.

May Day is a day for celebration and love. It's a day to express our affection for those we care about and to celebrate the beginning of a new season. So, whether you celebrate May Day by dancing around a maypole or simply telling someone you love them, let's all take a moment to appreciate the gift of love that we share.

Another day of love in May is one reserved for mothers. Mother's Day is a time to honor and celebrate the most important woman in most people's lives: their mother. It's a day to show her that she is appreciated and valued for all that she does.

My Mother''s Day book is I Love You More. 

A mother's love never fails…it always prevails.

On the verge of turning sixty, Garland recalls memories and moments of her life’s journey from an abusive childhood to a bad marriage to the ups and downs of being a single mom. She is rewarded with a magical Mother’s Day with her son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter. Her moving story is sure to touch your heart.