Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Sweet or Sexy

Do you prefer your romances sweet or sexy? I recently created sweet versions of two of my Historical fantasy erotica romance novellas set in ancient Ireland. 

Here are the sexy versions:

The first is Timeless Voyage

This iron-age tale of a Celtic Warrior-Woman-Pirate and her tall, muscular, handsome Roman captive is set against the backdrop of romantic beaches and the hill of Tara with characters such as pirates, an arch druid, and the High King of Ireland. In their first life, Anwen and Kaeso's love came to a tragic end. In this life will their love end in a wedding or a druid sacrifice?

Here's the Blurb:

Neither centuries that have come and gone nor the seas between us can keep us apart.

As the Celtic pirate, Anwen, presses her hard iron dagger against the Roman's throat, memories of fated lovers, druids and sacrifice, stay her hand.

Kaeso is captivated by dreams of the woman he loved in a previous life, the mirror image of Anwen. In this lifetime they are foes, Roman and Celt. Can Anwen and Kaeso steer their timeless voyage to a happy destiny or will they be robbed of love once more?

She clutched the dagger tighter. "I am Anwen, a druid novice of Ynys Mon."

His full lips parted and he let out a sharp laugh. "The old governor slew the druids of Ynys Mon. They are all dead."

"I survived." She tilted her chin high.

"Good fortune then." He flashed a row of white teeth as he grinned. "And now you hold a cargo of wine and fish sauce." The Roman's smile vanished and his eyes grew wide and moist. "Take it all. Just leave me my ship and crew. They are worth nothing to you."

"I think not." She took a deep breath. "Your voyage ends here." Clutching the blade hard, she flicked her wrist to stab him but her arm hung heavy. Startled and shocked, she swallowed. Jerking her head toward her crew, she yelled, "Breccan, Casnar, Orna, tie up the prisoner."

"What say you?" Starn the Stout balked at her order.

Her captive's extraordinary eyes, fathomless as the sea, drew her to him. How could a Roman be so handsome.

The second one is, Queen of Kings

It is about Macha Mong Ruadh, (Macha of the Red Braid) the only woman listed as a High King of Ireland. Upon the death of Cimbaeth, she, as the daughter of Aedh Ruadh, took her place on the throne as sole ruler. Geoffrey Geoffrey Keating dates her reign from 468 to 461 BC. The Annals of the Four Masters from 661 to 654 BC.  

Here's the Blurb.

As wild and beautiful as the land she rules, all men lust for her, warriors and kings bow to her might and magic, but one champion comes forth to gift her with a white bull and true love… but can the handsome stranger best her skills and win her heart?

Macha let out a cackle. “Crow goddess, my patron, great Morrigan, I summon flight from my foes.” She threw her head back. “I shall return to feed on them, as is my due.” Fiery heat blazed through her skin, tingling with magical energy. Twirling a bright auburn braid with her fingers, she transformed it to a midnight hue. All form and texture changed before her. She ruffled the soft feathers cresting her head; they were so dark and beautiful.

Macha watched Cimbaeth’s eyes grow wide in shock. Dithorba gasped.

A shivery thrill spiraled through her. Now that they knew of her magic, the kings would fear what else she might do. She let out a raspy cackle. Clenching her teeth, moaning, the prickling sensation grew to a piercing pain. Quivering, feathers sprouted out of her flesh. Skin and bones stretching, twisting, leaving her small, compressed. Her teeth and tongue vanished. Snapping her beak open, she cawed at the two kings,whose faces grew ashen.

Shaky, she flapped her large wings, fighting to gain balance on short, thin legs with claws where feet had been. Her heart hammered faster than any human’s. Beating her wings hard—more rapidly than arms could move—she bobbed up and down until she soared off the ground. She was free once again. Blessing the dark goddess, Macha swooped down at the two kings, who ducked. Circling them seven times, her croaks pierced the air. She throbbed with breathless pleasure, feeding off the fright glistening in their eyes. Cawing loudly and flapping with all her might, she—now a crow—flew away from the cowering kings.

Both of these sexy romances are available in individual ebooks. Now, here are the sweet versions. 

My sweet version of both novellas are bundled  in an ebook titled, Queen of Clubs: Irish Romance Fantasies: The Sweet Versions

So you choose which versions you want to read of my Irish Historical Fantasy Romances—sweet or sexy. 

Please let me know:
If you are a reader, will you like to see more sweet versions of my sexy romances?  
If you are a romance author, have you written both sweet and sexy versions of any of your romances? 

Feel free to comment below.