Sunday, August 14, 2011

Peace Love Music by Cornelia Amiri

Let’s celebrate the 42nd anniversary of Woodstock, when 400,000 people came together for three days to sing songs of peace in the rain. time of: Peace, Love, Music.

Here’s a trailer and a blurb from my novella of the same name.

Jodi’s birthday breaks her free of the foster care scene and launches her on a journey of self discovery. She thumbs her way to Woodstock to groove on peace, love, and music. The moment Blue spots Jodi strutting toward him barefoot in the rain, he’s overcome with déjà vu. She doesn’t share his feeling that they were lovers in a previous life, thinking it’s half crazy, still she feels she’s meant to be with the irresistible hippie. As an adult now Jodi’s free to be naughty rather than nice and he’s the man who can make her wildest dreams, the sensual ones, come true. Is she headed for a love-in at his tepee?

Woodstock is not only one of the largest attended rock concerts of all times, but uniquely one where the community mattered more than the music.

Here’s an excerpt:
When Joan Baez sang Sweet Sir Galahad, Jodi gulped. The beauty of the lyrics and her voice took Jodi's breath away. When Joan went into Sweet Chariot a cappella, tears rimmed Jodi's eyes and she sang, "Coming for to carry me home," along with her. Jodi had no home, now that she'd turned eighteen two days ago. She no longer qualified for foster care, but she would make a home for herself somehow.

A downpour broke from the sky as Joan Baez sang, "We shall overcome someday."

The chill down Jodi's back wasn't from the rain. When Joan belted out, in her crystal clear voice, "We are not afraid, Oh Lord. We are not afraid, Oh Lord, not afraid today," Jodi felt the words vibrate through her. Even in the cold rain, a warm glow fluttered in Jodi's chest.

The girl with long black hair and bangs clutched Jodi's hand, while she reached out to the blonde-haired chick in the denim shirt. The entire row held hands and danced in a grapevine line, around and around. They were a flowing river, moving together. Laughter spilled from Jodi when they sped up, and other times the line of dancers suddenly slowed. They all laughed as they danced to the music.

Peace filled Jodi. She didn't think she would ever stop smiling. When the dancing came to an end, she took a deep breath and met the gaze of a guy standing before her. His eyes drew her. They were different, it was too dark to see the color, but even at night they seemed to gleam and call to her. He had long, sandy brown hair and a wide-open smile that emphasized his full, seductive lips. Jodi wondered what they would feel like and taste like if she stole a kiss from him. His broad shoulders filled out his pale green t-shirt, he wore a brown leather vest over it, and tight faded jeans encased his long legs and slim hips. A red band was tied around his muscular forearm. She felt she knew him, but she must have been losing it, as it didn't make sense.

"Hi, I'm Blue. Are you camping out here?"

"Yes, crashing with some friends." She pointed in the general direction of Sunshine and Ziggy's tent.

He pulled a flashlight from his jeans.

Even mud, hunger, thirst, and the worst traffic jams in history didn’t stop or deter hundreds of thousands of people on the path to Eden. Who wouldn’t love to put aside three days of their life for peace, love, and music … to be startdust, to be golden, to get back to the garden.

Here’s another excerpt:
Blue picked it up and cradled it on his lap. “I know that Tim Hardin tune he sang on Friday. Did you hear it?”

“No, I got to the stage about the time Arlo Guthrie came on.”

“I think you’ll dig it, the song’s got a sweet groove.” Blue’s long fingers danced on the neck of the guitar as he strummed the strings with his other hand.

Jodi’s thoughts stilled as Blue sang, “Love me only.”

She couldn’t speak, couldn’t breathe, she just felt wrapped in warmth as he crooned, “Would you love me anyway, would you have my baby?”

Spirals of heat swirled in and around her. This was the only place she wanted to be, in this teepee in the rain.

Blue sang out in his course voice, raw with emotion, “Save my love from loneliness.” As he sang the next words. “Save my love from sorrow.” Every pore of her body tingled. Blue’s eyes burned into her soul, as his long fingers stroked the strings and fondled the frets of his guitar while he sang the next lyrics, “I give you my only-ness. Give me your tomorrows.”

I wrote Peace Love Music with those three words in mind to bring the reader a natural high and good vibes with this fun read. I’m having a blog contest 8/14 – 8/15 – must be 18 or older. Everyone who post the name of one of the bands or performers who played at Woodstock in the comments will receive a free pdf download of Peace Love Music, include your email so I can send it to you.

Peace Love Music is published by Eternal Press, available in eBook and paperback from mos online book stores for kindle, nook, and other formats. Please visit my website and facebook