Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sibling Day - Fox Prince & Vixen Princess Giveaway

Winner Anouncement:Hi everyone,
Thanks to those who visited and commented on my Blog contest for National Sibling Day. I appreciate the wonderful comments and your time and consideration so much. The winner of my blog contest is Pomawolf. She won trade size paperback copies of The Fox Prince and The Vixen Princess where the hero in one and the heroine in the other are brother and sister. I will have another blog contest soon. I am going to the OK Steampunk Expo this Saturday and I will definitely buy some steampunk gifts to giveaway on blog contests in the very near future.


Cornelia Amiri

Today is National Sibling Day

In my book, The Fox Prince, the Celtic prince and hero, Tryffin, is the brother of the heroine, Nesta, of my book, Vixen Princess.

In honor of National Sibling Day, I'm giving away an autographed trade paperback of both books, The Vixen Princess and The Fox Prince, to one lucky winner. To enter, just comment below and I will randomly draw a winner from them.

Here is a blurb of each:

The Fox Prince
Aelfrida, a Saxon slave, and Tryffin, a Celtic prince are thrown together in the dark days of the Celtic/Saxon wars. Though of a different class, culture, and religion, Tryffin wins the Saxon maiden's heart. But is it too late? The answer lies in Aelfrida's hands. Will she choose vengeance or love?

Vixen Princess
An unlikely pair, King Arthur's champion, Mabon, a hardened warrior, renown for his Roman military skill, who gave up on a family long ago to dedicate his life to serving king and country is thrown together with Nesta. Yes, the spunky young princess from The Fox Prince is back. Nesta has grown into a fiery, voluptuous, middle-aged widow.

A matchmaking ghost is called forth from the grave on a quest to bring the comely, headstrong, sword wielding widow together with the dark, brooding warrior, and open their lonely, locked hearts with the magic of love.

For excerpts on the two books and much more, please click here to visit my website