Friday, November 20, 2015

Name your PC Day

Today is name your PC day

Photo From A Year of Holidays
November 20th, Friday, is Name Your PC Day.
Now some my ask, why should I name my computer. Well,  just think for a moment how your computer feels. I mean you most like spend more time with your PC than you do your family. Isn't about time you took  your relationship with your PC to the next level and I least gave it a name?

I recognize that this is an extremly important task—naming your PC. You don't won't to give it some name that will make it mad. Then agin what type of names do computers like. Do you know that there is surprisingly limited information on the internet as to the most popular Christian names for PC's.

Never fear,  Cornelia's hear. I have compiled a list of what I feel are names that any PC no matter how picky they are should be happy with. The first two need no explanation.

Hewitt - it means little smart one
Ovid - means worker
Codey - like code and it also means helpful
Savvy - means smart
Adalbert - it means intelligent or noble
Higgens - intelligent
Quin - means inttelligent as a Bob Dylan fan, I would go with - The Mighty Quin
Rambert - like rams and it means mighty or intelligent
Ubert - means intelligent

You may even want to have a naming ceremony

So show your faithful PC some love and give it a name.

I named mine Morrigan, after the Celtic goddess. Sometimes she's helpful sometimes she's anything but. And together we go to war with word counts and deadlines.

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