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Need Fire - Box Set

Need Fire is a box set of five Celtic/Romances by Cornelia Amiri
all are published individually 

As my website says I write about Celtic long swords, hot heroes and warrior women. A need fire is a ritual bonfire used at the ancient Celtic fire festival of Beltane. Many people nowdays celebrate May Day in place of Beltane. The words need and fire also conjure up images of a hot romance so I thought it would make a perfect title for this box set of five Celtic romance novellas.

Timeless Voyage
Off the mist shrouded coast of Ireland, a lady pirate, Anwen, captures the enemy, a Roman, Titus Rufius Kaeso. The Celtic warrior woman presses her hard iron dagger against Kaeso’s throat, but memories of fated lovers, druids and sacrifice, stay her hand.
Kaeso is also captivated by dreams of the woman he loved in a previous life, the mirror image of Anwen. In this lifetime they are foes, Roman and Celt. Can Anwen and Kaeso steer their timeless voyage to a happy destiny or will they be robbed of love once more?

Pendragon’s Obsession
Eigyr is the woman the gods meant for King Uthyr. The lady who will bare his children as foretold by the fiery dragon comet, but there’s one problem…she’s marred to one of his dukes. The sensuous powerful king awakens Eigyr’s lust but she will not break her wedding vows. Driven by a deep, overpowering desire, Uthyr would do anything to have but one night with Eigyr.
The king’s druid, Menw holds the answer to Uthyr’s dilemma. Magic. But at what cost?

Moon Goddess Wife
From Welsh mythology springs the tale of Rhiannon and Pwyll. Chief Pwyll's life is changed forever the day Goddess Rhiannon rides pass him on her magic horse. Forbidden romance smolders between the goddess and the chieftain. With the use of an enchanted bag, Rhiannon breaks free of an unwanted betrothal. Happily, she weds Pwyll, but a harrowing mystery tears them apart. Will Pwyll's suspicion and duty as chieftain prevail or will love win out?

A Fine Cauldron Of  Fish
It's summer on the Isle of Man and Andrew is looking for hot girls and good times. So when he meets the dreamy and seductive Margaid, he thinks he's hit the jackpot. There are only a couple of minor problems: Margaid lives in a cave under the sea, is invisible, and thinks that only Andrew's blood can save her from turning into a water horse! But hey, whoever said love was perfect!?

Some Vampires Shimmy
6th in the Dancing Vampire series
Afric and Foomna, the last of the dancing vampire sisters, shimmy and strut their way into belly dancing at a Scottish Steamapunk Con. It’s all sizzle and steam when they get together with a sexy rock guitarist and a hot looking god at the con. Afric swore she’d never love a human but Kade’s got her tied up in Celtic knots with the exotic pleasures of his shibari rope. The War Goddess Morrigan commands Afric to cut her ties with her human lover. Afric’s caught between pleasing her goddess, her sister, and her man. What will it take for Afric to follow her own heart and where will that path lead to, the Earthly Realm or Underhill?

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Pendragon's Obsession

Eigyr is the woman the gods meant for King Uthyr. The lady who will bare his children as foretold by the fiery dragon comet, but there’s one problem…she’s marred to one of his dukes. The sensuous powerful king awakens Eigyr’s lust but she will not break her wedding vows. Driven by a deep, overpowering desire, Uthyr would do anything to have but one night with Eigyr.
The king’s druid, Menw holds the answer to Uthyr’s dilemma. Magic. But at what cost? 
Uthyr ignored him. He felt woozy, almost mindless as he gazed into Eigyr’s sparkling eyes. “The comet is the cause of it all. A blaze, hurtling through the sky, shaped into a fiery dragon with two serpentine tails. One lashed out beyond the old Celtic land of Gaul, the other reached towards the Irish Sea and unraveled into seven sparkling threads.” He winked at Eigyr. “Menw, son of Teirwaedd, prophesied the fierce dragon tail that blazed beyond Gaul heralded a son, a king to hold power over all the kingdoms beneath his reach. Its other exhilarant tail symbolized a daughter, whose sons and grandsons would rule over Logres.”
Eigyr laid her hand on the table by her plate. Uthyr covered her hand with his. “This morning I was crowned king, just as that comet foretold. Today I ordered my goldsmith to cast two mystical dragons of pure gold, one for each ray, my future heirs.” The king gave her soft hand a squeeze. “Would you like me to have my goldsmith fashion a memento of this day for you? Perhaps a dragonhead brooch?”
The annoying duke cleared his throat loudly and Uthyr tilted his head toward him. “It is a tradition of Celtic hospitality for a chief to give gifts to his guests. Is it not?”
“You are generous, my king, but my wife has no need of a gold token to remember your coronation.” Gwrlais spoke calmly but there was a hint of anger in his eyes.
“No, I do not, my king.” Eigyr swallowed hard, clearly affected by the tension between her husband and her king. “I shall never forget this day.” She spoke with sincerity.
“Nor I.” Uthyr eased his hand off of hers but held her eyes with his gaze. Eigyr smiled at him with her mouth and her eyes.
Despite Menw’s prophecy of children, Uthyr hadn’t given any thought to settling down to a wife. Until now. He smiled back at Eigyr. The draw he felt toward this woman, the feeling she was his, overwhelmed him. Uthyr didn’t think for one moment that Eigyr wouldn’t prefer him to her husband. He’d been favored all his life. He was always the tallest, the fastest, the most handsome. Everyone loved Uthyr as a boy, and when he’d grown into a man … he expected that same favoritism. And he always got it.
He tore his gaze away from Eigyr to look around the banquet hall, seeking his druid. Once his eyes fell on Menw, the statuesque, regal druid nodded at Uthyr.
Within his mind, Uthyr heard a smooth, calming voice that rang with wisdom. Without opening his mouth, Menw said to him alone, “She is the one. The Pendragon’s mate. God Dewy, shapeshifter of the dragon, deems it so.”
Menw knew all. Uthyr did not doubt him. But a moment of confusion flitted through his mind. Eigyr is married to one of my nobles. He popped a hot cockle in his mouth and chewed slowly as he gazed at Eigyr. Does that matter… if the gods chose her as the mother of my children…the woman who will birth the mighty hero king of Britain and beyond?
His hunger grew for more than food. How he longed to touch that silky hair plaited into six braids. He envisioned freeing each braid and watching the wealth of hair spill loose and spread across his bed as she lay upon it, ready to give herself to him.
“Scrumptious,” he rasped as he smiled at her. He wanted her. Needed her. The gods wanted him to have her.
Eigyr returned his smile and he knew she wanted him, too. Uthyr’s moment of doubt in pursing Gwrlais’ wife vanished. Gwrlais no longer mattered to him.
“Yes, the cockles look delicious.” Eigyr lifted the goblet to her lips and took a sip.
He meant her, not the shucked, steamed shellfish, but now he could offer her some since she seemed to like them. “I am served the choice bits of all.” He scooped up a small pile of cockles with his spoon and deposited them on her plate. If only he could feed them to her. Touch her luscious lips, watch them part, and push a cockle into her mouth. But her husband sat at her side and would no doubt make more foolish comments at such a gesture.
Of course, Uthyr was king. And a better man for her. Should not the most beautiful woman in the kingdom be with the most powerful man? She deserved nothing less than a true hero. Eigyr should be with the champion of Britannia…him…the Pendragon.
Her blue eyes gleamed with surprise as he shared the shellfish from his plate. Eigyr picked up a cockle with her slender fingers. She pressed it to her full lips, which formed a perfect circle. A surge of heat shot through him. He stiffened as she sucked the soft flesh deep into her mouth.
“Delicious.” She licked her lips.
Uthyr’s mouth watered with desire for this scrumptious woman. “Delightful.” Still, he could not say the things he wanted to, here at the feasting table with her husband by her side. He had to keep his desire secret from Gwrlais. Otherwise he might try to stop Eigyr from coming to Uthyr. If he did, Uthyr would kill him.
As Eigyr devoured the cockles with relish, Uthyr shifted his gaze to his trusted friend, Ulfin, who sat further down at the table. Uthyr gestured to him and soon Ulfin stood at his side.
Ulfin leaned his head down and Uthyr whispered to him, “Have the cupbearer bring Eigyr a goblet with a note. It shall say she is more comely than any woman in Britain. And I beg to have a private word with her in my chambers after the feast. Sign it, Pendragon. Eigyr will withdraw the note, then the cupbearer will brim the goblet with mead.” Uthyr fluttered his fingers in dismissal.

Ulfin headed toward the cupbearer to see to the task. 

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Some Vampires Shimmy

Some Vampires Shimmy - 6th in the Dancing Vampire Series
Afric and Foomna, the last of the dancing vampire sisters, shimmy and strut their way into belly dancing at a Scottish Steamapunk Con. It’s all sizzle and steam when they get together with a sexy rock guitarist and a hot looking god at the con. Afric swore she’d never love a human but Kade’s got her tied up in Celtic knots with the exotic pleasures of his shibari rope. 

The War Goddess Morrigan commands Afric to cut her ties with her human lover. Afric’s caught between pleasing her goddess, her sister, and her man. What will it take for Afric to follow her own heart and where will that path lead to, the Earthly Realm or Underhill? 
“Can I take your picture?” A girl, wearing a small hat fringed with a black veil, a corset, and a striped skirt with a tulle petticoat peeking through, smiled at them. Clutching her cellphone, she snapped a shot of Afric and Foomna.”Great costumes.”

“Thanks. We’re steampunk baobhan sith belly dancers.”

Baobhan sith?” The girl’s eyebrows arched.

“Like vampires.” Afric moved her hand to her hip.

“Where are your fangs?” The girl in the corset leaned in closer to inspect their teeth.

“No fangs. Our nails turn to claws.” Foomna held her hands up showing off her new manicure. “We use talons rather than teeth.”

To Afric’s surprise the human laughed.

“Fangless, belly dancing vampires.” The girl held up her cell phone and snapped another shot. “Great characters.”

“It’s who we are.” Baffled by the comment, Afric pressed her lips together. She’d never understand humans.

“Have fun.” The girl walked off.

“Look.” Foomna pointed to a black stage with two small glass cages to the side, two towering Tesla coils and a rock band. “ArcAttack. Let’s go.”

Foomna zig-zagged through the crowd, toward the band, as Afric followed.

Electric bolts from the coils struck the armored guitar player. Afric yelled in Foomna’s ear. “God Taranius would love this.”

“That bearded thunder god is weird, always clutching a lightning bolt. You’re right though, he’d love it.”

From all her YouTube viewing, Afric recognized Joe Di Prima, the bandleader, as he stepped up to the microphone. “Knock, Knock, Who’s there?”

Foomna grabbed Afric’s shoulder and smiled. “It’s Dr. Who’s theme song. We watched that show with Sorcha and Ian.”

Afric swung her hips in a large circle and glided her arms at her side in a serpentine motion, dancing to the music as the bells on her belt chimed. She scanned the crowd looking for young, handsome men she might want to feed on at the end of the con.

Her gaze settled on a tall man with dark wavy hair falling to his shoulders. He wore a top hat with goggles on it, which added to his height. His full lips curled into a  wide smile on his well sculptured oval-face. She licked her lips.

The song ended and stagehands pulled a glass cage the size of a phone booth from between the huge coils.

“Do we have any volunteers to dance in the cage?”

The moment she heard Di Prima say volunteers, Afric thrust her hand in the air and shimmied to draw the bandleader’s attention to her body.

“The steampunk belly dancer in the green dress.” He pointed at her.

Chosen to dance in the ArcAttack cage, a thousand bubbles seemed to burst inside her chest. She grasped Foomna in a quick hug, then ran to the side of the stage and up the steps.

“And, Kade MacLeod of Golden Gears, come on up here,” the ArcAttack band leader called out.

Standing on stage, Afric turned her head toward the man joining her. Him. The one who’d caught her gaze. She stepped into the glass, metal framed cage and the statuesque, steampunk musician followed.

Blaring music with jolts of electricity pulsated against the metal as she swayed her hips in front of the glass wall, dancing for the crowd. As she faced him, only an inch of space between them, the heat of Kade’s body radiated into her. A hot shudder coursed through her. His toned, muscular body moved fluidly as he rocked his hips in a matching rhythm to hers. The muscles in her abdomen drew tight. He was hers. This human. She had to have him. Not for his blood…no…. but because of the way he made her blood boil. Gazing into his eyes, she flashed her most seductive smile.

He leaned his head to her ear. “Looks like you and your friend are dancers.”

“She’s my sister.” She shimmied, shaking her entire body for his gaze alone.

Kade’s eyes gleamed, meeting her gaze. “What’s your name?”

“I’m fey. We don’t give our names to just anyone.”

“Whatever you say?” Kade tilted his head and leaned toward her. His hot breath fanned her cheek as he said, “Belly dance for my band as part of our performance at the steampunk ball.”

Her breath grew so shallow it took her a moment to push the word out, but she finally rasped a breathy, “Yes.” She’d dance for him. Anytime.

Her entire body tingled when Kade said, “Meet us at eight in the ballroom. For rehearsal.”

The music ended and the cage door opened. Reluctantly, Afric stepped out but she stood by Kade’s side, not yet ready to walk away from him. “I’ll see you at eight.”

Kade grinned at her and in a funny, aristocratic voice he said, “Exit stage left.”

“What?” The steps by the stage were to her right.

“Snagllepus.” Kade’s brows arched. “You don’t know?” He chuckled. “It’s an old cartoon character. A big pink mountain lion.”

“I just started watching TV some and Youtube.” She had to ask Sorcha what cartoons were.

“What did you watch when you were a kid?”

“Humans.” As she breathed in his invigorating, manly scent, Afric remembered something else. “And gods.” She dragged her feet down the steps of the stage to keep him close.

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New Release One Dance With A Vampire

I have a secret...

The vampires in my Dancing Vampire series with Ellora’s Cave, really aren’t vampires at all. Dancing Vampires is another name for the baobhan sith (bah von shee). They are vampiric fey from the Scottish highlands. If you like vampires you’ll love the series but it’s also for those who like dark fey or hot Scottish highlanders. 

The baobhan sith roam the highlands in packs and all of them are women, no men. Voluptuous and enticing, these beauties always wear green gowns. Also, they have talons. No fangs. Like other vampires, they drink human blood and fry in the sunlight.

For a modern take on the baobhan sith, visit these dark fey in the Dancing Vampire series: Dance Of The Vampires, Vampire Highland Fling, Ever So Bonnie A Vampire, and One Dance With
A Vampire--just released August 22. 

One Dance With A Vampire - Fourth in the Dancing Vampires series.

Sexy Scot Angus is consumed with dreams of the fiery vampiric fey Tearlag. Their dancing steps came to a halt a year ago when they almost killed each other. Angus comes upon the alluring woman again and despite the danger, he has to have one dance with her. Angus’ muscular arms clasp Tearlag tightly as they dance across a field of heather. An insatiable hunger rises in her and it isn’t for his blood.

From different worlds, fey and human, her sisters and his brothers threaten at every turn to keep them apart.

Excerpt: When her gaze met his, the gleam returned to her eyes and the rosy tint to her cheeks. Warmth lit in him and ignited a flame, burning all his fears, regrets, and sadness away. An intense need flared through him. Pressure coiled in his groin. He leaned closer and brushed his lips against hers. His mouth tingled as he kissed her smooth, warm lips. He twisted his mouth over hers, his lips dancing with hers. His neck muscles stretched as a hot, relaxing energy flowed through him.

Tearlag tilted her neck back. “My sisters warned me about the kiss of a mortal.” She licked her red lips. “Now I know why.”

“Again.” He tilted his head toward her.

“No.” Tearlag pulled back. “I think not.” She shook her head. “I have to go.”

Angus watched her hips jiggle and her red hair sway against her back as she strolled across the road and waded through the long grass in the field.

He followed her.

When Tearlag reached the pile of ancient stones, he grabbed her hand from behind and twirled her around, pulling her to him.

“Before you go, give me one dance.”

She held up a single finger. “One dance.”

He clung to her sultry skin. Her subtle, sweet scent, floral and smoky, danced in the evening air. Her breasts rubbed against his chest and his breath caught in his throat. His erection swelled and his balls grew tight with tension. Her hips jolted his lower body as they moved in a slow, sensual dance to their own music of want and desire. Tilting his head to her neck, he darted his tongue out and licked her creamy flesh. When he planted kisses on her neck, she shivered. Angus pulled her tighter to him.

Sliding his mouth from her neck to her hot lips, he massaged them with tugs and twists. As he prodded her lips with the tip of his tongue, she opened her mouth. He thrust his tongue within and tangled it with hers. When she pulled out of the kiss, he left her face flushed. The salty taste of her skin lingered on his tingling tongue.

Her breasts heaved as she rasped, “Leave a rock loose for tonight.”

Her soft, breathy tone sent a hot tremor through him. Her reddened lips, still wet and swollen from the kiss, turned up at the corners into a sensuous smile, promising more to come.

“I’ll be here at sunset. Waiting.” Ecstatic with hope, he couldn’t breathe. She wanted to see him again.

Tearlag stepped on the cairn, portal to the fey realm, and vanished before his eyes.

“Tomorrow night.” His voice sounded hoarse, even to his own ears. He swallowed hard as he stared at the air above the cairn where Tearlag had stood, and wondered if he’d ever see her again. 

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The Scottish Selkie - Audio Excerpt

The Scottish Selkie, a Celtic/Romance set in ninth century Scotland is a tale, which springs from Druid lore, of a mysterious, dark warrior, a fiery Pict Princess, and the shadowy secret standing between them. A bow and arrow carrying Pict beauty takes vengeance on a royal target but fails at her attempt to slay the Scot King, Kenneth McAlpin. To save her life, she is forced to wed the king's cousin, Malcolm. Just as the Scot warrior and the Pict Princess begin to forge a bond, Malcolm must reveal his incredible secret and choose between two worlds, one with Bethoc or one without.

The Scottish Selkie is an ebook with four five star reader reviews on Amazon and it’s coming out as an audio book in October. The Scottish Selkie is at the Book Trailer Park today
coming as an audio book soon

Here is an audio excerpt of a love scene and the text of it below.

“To be yours. To share my bed with you.”

He didn't speak. His eyes grew wide and he took a deep breath. “Mayhaps you merely do not want to sleep alone this eve?”

“Sleep is not what I am thinking of.” Bethoc turned and bid Malcolm to follow.
Sounds of night birds and night bugs blended together into a gentle lull as she glided down the moonlit path. She sensed his heated gaze feasting on the subtle yet sensuous sway of her shoulder and hips.

“Bethoc,” Malcolm called in a ragged tone.

Turning, she gazed at him. They stood apart, but the raw hunger in his dark eyes told her all.
Bethoc parted her lips. Malcolm stepped up to her, reached out, and yanked her in his arms. She leaned her head to his. Bethoc's mouth melded with Malcolm's, a mergence of fire and water.
He squeezed her hand in his as they walked side by side to the rath. Bethoc released his hand and pulled the door open. Malcolm strode to the fire, lit a torch, and lighted candles posted around the room. The smell of burning wax filled the air.

She walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his strong, solid shoulders. He leaned his head down to Bethoc's and crushed her mouth with his. “You taste like a honey comb stolen from a high tree. Wild and dripping with thick sweetness.”

Malcolm lifted her into his arms; she wrapped her long, lithe legs around his waist. Their slick lips pressed, rubbed, slid, and pushed fervently against each other. Malcolm rolled the back of her skirt up to her waist, exposing her bare bottom.

With her arms tangled about his shoulders and her long legs rolled around his waist, Malcolm carried her to the kitchen. Bethoc gasped as he set her bare ass on the hard wooden table.
She grabbed the honey pot beside her, and dipped two fingers in the sticky sweetness. She rubbed her fingers, dripping with thick golden honey, across Malcolm's mouth.
Sliding her sticky fingers back and forth, she spread the succulent honey all over his full, wet lips, which he licked with the tip of his tongue. Malcolm poked his finger in the small clay pot and stirred the honey in a circular motion. He stroked her lips with the thick sweetness then thrust his finger into her mouth. Clamping her lips down, Bethoc moaned, greedily sucking the golden treat.

Here’s a pinterest board of The Scottish Selkie.

Thank you,

Cornelia Amiri

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2013 Summer Author Blitz, Author Jennifer Bray-Weber

Author Jennifer Bray-Weber
Hello everyone, I have a real treat today, for all of us Historical/Romance fans. Award Winning Author Jennifer Bray-Weber is with us today to tell us about her Romancing The Pirate Series and her life as a writer.
What a fabulous subject you’ve chosen to write about, pirates. Who doesn’t like a good pirate story? What is your favorite thing about pirates and writing about pirates?

I admit. I’m attracted to the dark side. Bad boys float my boat. (See how the pirate diva made a pun?) The more I researched pirates, the more fascinating they became to me. These treacherous people were quite democratic, governing themselves. They had laws. They didn’t break those laws without serious consequence from their peers. They shared in the booty equally. They elected their captains. They were survivors. They were masters of their trade. Though most were vicious and not too far off the mark of murderers, some were actually honorable. It was fun mixing what I learned with fiction. Thanks to Hollywood romanticizing pirates with characters like Captain Blood and Captain Jack Sparrow, among others, people relate and root for the bad boy pirate. I love being able to take a bad boy and make him irresistible and redeeming.
Wow, I am absolutely captivated now. What could be sexier than a bad boy pirate captain, redeemed by love? Tell me more. Tell us all about your Romancing The Pirate Series.
Love to. The series follows the courageous captains in a brethren of Caribbean pirates. Adventure awaits each of them and they greedily, if not enthusiastically, accept the challenge. But while these captains enjoy a good fistfight, sea battle, besting their enemies, or pillage, they are as different as the fish in the sea and as unpredictable as the currents. Zane has anger issues, Blade has a voracious appetite as a libertine, Thayer drinks far too much, Bran is cynical, and Joelle, well, she’s a woman. That’s curse enough. What’s a pirate romance without redemption? While these captains are masters of their trade, they are no match for the women (and sexy male slave) who steer them into uncharted waters—namely that of love.
The fun thing about this series is it will come full circle. In most of the books, the pirate ship Rissa is central. In the final book, the Rissa sinks. *sniffles* But that’s not all. It will be a dueling story. Contemporary treasure hunters will find a diary (or logbook) and will try to unravel the mystery surrounding the ship’s demise and her missing treasure. At the same time, an adventure and love story unfurls as the newest Rissa captain and young pirate’s daughter navigate through a treacherous betrayal and identity crisis. Two stories. One novel. I get all giggly thinking about it.
It sounds like an amazing, breath taking ending for the series. I have to ask, of all the book you have written, do you have a favorite?
A Kiss in the Wind is my favorite. It has everything to do with Blade Tyburn, the pirate playboy. While writing this book, I finally understood what other authors meant when they say they fall in love with their characters. I had fallen head over heels for Blade—hard. The sun-kissed Casanova of the high seas, he spars with wit and innuendo. But what makes this alpha male delicious to me is how he handles Marisol, the knife-wielding thief who steals much more than his treasure.
A Kiss in the Wind blurb:
Marisol Castellan is in trouble—again. Against her pirate father's orders, she snuck off their ship to intercept a message meant for a rival captain, one that offers a clue to the whereabouts of her estranged brother Monte.
Pirate captain Blade Tyburn is not pleased to find the letter he's been waiting for is missing. He's even less pleased when he discovers the thief is a raven-haired beauty who bewitches his senses and muddles his thinking. The note gives the location of a silver-laden ship that'll make his fortune; Blade must find it, and if that means bringing Marisol along on the voyage, so be it.
Marisol believes Monte sails on the very ship Blade is to meet and strikes a deal with the handsome rogue. If he will give her passage to her brother, she will give him the exact location he needs. And both will get more than they expected.
Discover the pirates who seek fortune and who are steered into uncharted waters of the heart in the other books of the Romancing The Pirates series:
The Siren’s Song blurb:
Pirate captain Thayer Drake lures ships onto reefs for plunder, and business is lucrative. Yet, saving a lass from drowning after her ship wrecks becomes more than he bargained for when the crazy wench dives back into the raging sea for her blasted purse.
Tavern songstress Gilly McCoy, penniless and fleeing from the man who murdered her lover, stowed away on the doomed ship. Now at Drake's mercy, Gilly must earn her passage by performing for the captain. And that is not all: she must also kiss the captain at every ring of the ship's bell. But she discovers kissing the handsome rogue is not entirely a bad bargain...
Drake is intrigued by the beauty, but there is no room in his black heart for a woman. He has demons that he drinks nightly to forget. Meanwhile, Gilly has her own secrets to keep—including why her purse is more valuable to her than her life...
Beneath the Water’s Edge (a novella) blurb:
Elyssa Calhoun Montgomery had been willing to do anything to keep her father from debt, including following her new husband to the Caribbean-–dressed as a lad. But she never dreamed she’d become widowed so quickly, or that she’d come face to face with a fearsome pirate who expects her to fight like a man. Captured and her identity exposed, she doesn’t know what’s worse, being locked alone in a pirate captain’s quarters or experiencing an unsettling attraction toward him.
Captain Bran Blackthorn has grown weary of the pirating trade and seeks a King’s Pardon for his crew. Unfortunately, the man who could sign a reprieve, his half-brother Governor Flynn, would rather see him dead. When the gods—or the devil—bestows an angel to his spoils, he sees an opportunity to force a pardon with her ransom. Never mind his beautiful pawn has bewitched him, filling him with a desire to press his body against hers, capture her mouth in a searing kiss, and brand her as his own.
But when Bran’s enemies seek vengeance, Elyssa becomes entangled in their deadly game and Bran faces the gallows. Can they cheat death and save each other? Or will they be dragged...
Beneath The Water’s Edge.
Blood And Treasure blurb:
Although Lianna Whitney was gently bred, she must now empty slop buckets and fight off randy sailors in a seaport tavern to survive. One night, she unexpectedly comes into possession of a golden medallion. But when the man who left it with her is immediately murdered by soldiers of the Royal Navy, she’s afraid to admit she has it. Unsure who to trust, she’s caught up in crossfire between navy officers and a pirate captain, who, realizing she possesses the object he’s been paid to find, whisks her away to his ship during the fight.
Privateer Captain Zane Fox is not interested in the mystical healing powers the medallion is said to hold, even though the legends claim it can bring a dying man back to life. He only plans to procure the medallion, drop the chit off at the next port where she’ll be safe, and collect the money he was promised. However, as they fend off storms at sea and attempt to outrun the Royal Navy, the two are also fighting the attraction they feel for one another. But when they are captured, Zane must choose between recovering the medallion and saving Lianna from the noose. And soon it becomes clear to him that the medallion is not the only treasure worth risking his life for.
Excerpt from Blood And Treasure:
Zane set her feet to the ground and as soon as she caught her balance, she swung at him. He caught her fist inches from his face. “This is a very disagreeable way for a lass to act.”
“What way will you have me act?” she snapped. “You’ve just nabbed me, you rake!”
“For your own safety, I assure you.”
“I can most certainly take care of myself.”
He laughed. “You’re an obstinate little chit.”
“And why would I need protection from the soldiers?”
“They intend to kill you.”
“I don't believe you.” She huffed, crossing her arms. And why should she? She’d done nothing wrong.
“They are commissioned to retrieve The Serpent and will slay anyone who is familiar with it or who dares to stand in their way, including a common back alley bar wench.”
“The Serpent?” She chose to ignore his trite remark.
“The medallion you are hiding.” His eyes slid down to her chest.
Shifting uneasily she said, “I told you. I hide nothing.”
A resonating shot rang out. Lianna jumped, instinctively shielding herself behind her broad stout abductor. A fine buffer he should make. He chuckled as she crouched behind him. Hard-headed she may be, but she was smart enough to let him take a bullet. He grabbed her by the arm and shoved her down the pier ladder. She stepped into a small rowboat. He followed an instant behind. Taking a hold of the oars, he rowed with much vigor into the open bay.
She gripped the side of the boat and considered what to do. The longer she allowed this rogue to keep her, the harder it would be for her to escape. For a moment, she thought to dive overboard and swim back to the dock. Just as she resolved to flee, soldiers lined the pier firing volleys at them.
How can that be? They wouldn't risk shooting an innocent civilian, would they? She shook her head, grappling to understand.
“Get down!”
No need to tell her twice.
Pops cracked through the air. The bullets came fast and far too close, spraying them with salt water and splintering wood. They were still well within range. She tried to swallow. Her heart throbbed in her throat as prickly panic bristled across her skin. Her captor seemed to be enjoying himself, thriving on the gravity of the danger. In fact, he looked to be having fun. She didn’t share in his enthusiasm. He didn’t appear to hear her screaming for him to row faster, either.
He shed his jacket. “We’ve got to make a swim for it.”
“What? You can't be serious. Swim where?” Exasperated, Lianna wrinkled her nose and frowned. Where would they swim to? Into open water? They would surely die should they try swimming to…to nowhere.
They flinched as another bullet whizzed past. “We're fish in a barrel.” He grabbed her wrist. “Jump!” He dove overboard, pulling her in with him.
Swallowing the warm water as she went under, Lianna came up coughing, the briny water stinging her eyes. Ill-prepared for taking a midnight dip, she reached for something, anything to help her stay afloat.
Sloshing water made it difficult to see, but hysterics blinded her. Bobbing her assailant underwater, she swung her leg up over his shoulder, clenching her arms around his head and neck. She heard him grouch something about trying to drown him as he peeled out of her clutches, wrapping an arm around her waist to keep her afloat while she gasped. He treaded water until she paddled on her own. Bullets smacked into the water all around them.
“Follow me.” He started off toward a brigantine just sailing into view, slicing through the water with precise strokes.
He’s mad!
She struggled to keep up. Her dress weighed her down and Lianna labored to swim for the ship. Ahead she could see the hull with a rope ladder skimming the waves. Keep swimming. Almost there. But she tired from the effort. The more she swam the further away the ship seemed. The sea swirled around her and she thrashed to keep her head above water. Fear flooded her mind but she simply could not will her body to keep pace and swim any longer. She slipped below the waves, the darkness enveloping her. No! She reached through the water, fought to break free from the sea’s invisible hold. But the sea was powerful. The sea laid claim to her and pulled her further into its depth. Her limbs ached from the fight for the surface and her chest burned for air. The cumbersome weight was too much to bear. The ravenous water became cooler. She relaxed, drifting downward, clinging to her fading consciousness. Her hope disappeared like paper dissolving in the waves.
She had a vague sense of someone grabbing her by the waist, a strong arm pulling her back to the rolling swells and the starry sky. As she thrust above the surface, she heaved again, filling her lungs with precious air. Crisp, sweet, life-saving, precious air.
Her savior, no, her captor held her close. His mouth rested on her ear, panting. “Damn it. I should have been aware the distance would be too much for you, especially wearing a dress.”
For what she could’ve sworn was an eternity, they reached the ladder at last. The climb up the rope without stepping on the fellow’s hands was a challenge. He pushed on her arse and hoisted her over onto the deck. Bless me. Firm ground.
Lianna collapsed to the floor and sprawled on her back to catch her breath. Slowly, she opened her eyes. What she beheld caused her heart to stop.
Suddenly drowning didn't seem so terrible.
Wonderful blurbs and what a thrilling excerpt. What method do you use to write these rousing tales of romance and adventure, are you a plotter or pantser?
I am definitely a pantser. I start with an idea, let the characters come to the center stage (or midship, in my case), and set sail. How I get from point A to point B is a mystery to me. Seriously. Anyone got a map?
What do you do when you aren’t writing?
Sending out wedding invitation to my wedding with Johnny. Oh, wait...
What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?
Besides, fantasizing about pirates and Johnny? Stalking Chris Hemsworth. And escaping to the beach every chance I get.
Any vacation or appearance plans this summer?
Oh, I’m around. And you can always find me cutting up on Facebook. But mostly, even while at the beach, I will be head down writing the prequel to the Romancing the Pirate series, which will come out this fall. *giggles* I’m also in the production process of releasing an audio version of Blood and Treasure. *more giggles*
Be on the lookout for the next book in the series, Clash of the Tides, coming soon to a virtual bookshelf near you.


Jennifer Bray-Weber is giving away SWAG, PRINT, AND E-BOOK COPY OF "BLOOD AND TREASURE" Please comment below to enter the drawing, leave your email so she can contact you if you win.
Author Bio:
Award-winning author Jennifer Bray-Weber is a proud native Texan. She is a married domestic goddess and a stay-at-home mom to two beautiful daughters. Holding two degrees, one is Music and Video Business, the other in Liberal Arts, she has been able to express her creative thinking through a multitude of experiences.
Her interests include writing, reading, traveling (what she likes to call "research"), horseback riding, scrap-booking, shopping, relaxing at the beach, and playing games of darts.
Connect with Jennifer:

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Fine Cauldron Of Fish - New Release - Free Now

I'm announcing my new release, A Fine Cauldron of Fish. It's a funny vampire novella with a Celtic twist. If you love my Dancing Vampire series from Ellora's Cave about the Highland vampiric fey the Baobhan sith then you'll love this novella based on the vampiric fey on the Isle of Man, the lhiannan shee.

"A Fine Cauldron Of Fish is a very funny story of gods and sidhe on the Isle of Man. This is just a quick, fun read and one I highly recommend." Reviewed by Chere Gruver of Paranormal Romance

"What do you get when two clumsy people get together an outright laugh a minute comedy in A Fine Cauldron of Fish. A Fine Cauldron of Fish is the second book I have read by Ms. Amiri and I was happy to experience that Cornelia is such a universe writer from historical romance to now comedies but with still keeping her uniqueness that her fans love." Reviewed by Cheryl Koch of Cheryl's Book Nook

"A Fine Cauldron of Fish is hilarious. I laughed out loud several times through this story. Finding stories so creative and full of wit is a joy and I thoroughly enjoyed this one. If you like things a bit out of the ordinary and are in the mood for a fun light-heart read, then I recommend this." Reviewed by Vee at Night Owl Romance Book Reviews

Blurb: It's summer on the Isle of Man and Andrew is looking for hot girls and good times. So when he meets the dreamy and seductive Margaid, he thinks he's hit the jackpot. There are only a couple of minor problems: Margaid lives in a cave under the sea, is invisible, and thinks that only Andrew's blood can save her from turning into a water horse! But hey, whoever said love was perfect?
The heat level is three flames and it's available at Smashwords in a format of your choice

Before Margaid could answer, the guy shook his head at Andrew. "It's okay. You
can keep my shirt. Although I don't know how you're holding it when your arm's
about four inches away from it, but hey, I'm sure I simply had too much to
drink. Keep it, that's fine."

"What? No, I don't want your shirt. Margaid, well she thought I wanted it, but-"

"No, don't let him go." Margaid shook her red head. "You do want his shirt. And
you need his pants, too."

Before Andrew knew what was happening, she shoved the shirt into his arms. Then
she turned back to the quaking man and grabbed hold of his waist.

"Oh, no, Margaid, don't do it." The moment Andrew yelled out, he knew she wasn't
going to listen. He watched in utter horror as she unsnapped the poor man's
jeans, yanked down his zipper, and slid his pants all the way to his ankles.
Damn, I'm glad he's wearing underwear. Black boxers with writing all over them.
What does that say? Andrew read aloud, "B is for big."

Until August 30th you can get it free, $0.00 with Coupon Code: UV56Y - enter the code prior to check out

If you like it please leave a review.

Thank you,

Cornelia Amiri