Monday, October 4, 2021

Romance and Adventure Await With Kindle Vella

If you like serialized stories, check out Amazon's new platform for readers—Kindle Vella. They break brand new, previously unpublished novels down to episodes up to 5000 words. Then, release one episode at a time. 

The first few episodes are free. You pay for the rest with tokens. The token price is based on the word count of the episodes—it’s set at one token per 100 words. But Amazon is generously giving a large number of tokens free to readers.  They also offer several bundle options for purchasing tokens. Readers can also use features such as faves and thumbs up. 

There are plenty of romances of all types on kindle vella. 

Here's a link

And here's my Space Opera RomCom


Rare Finds

Dr. Robbie McGreggor’s job as a civilian Xenoarchaeologist aboard the starship Celestial is discovering remains of long-lost extraterrestrial civilizations. Chosen to visit a planet not yet explored, he is stunned to encounter an alien culture that resembles deities from earth mythology. There he encounters his rarest find, Niamh, a passionate Irish Goddess. The Scottish Archeologist and the Space Goddess travel together on a path of adventure, danger, and romance throughout the galaxy.

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