Saturday, September 19, 2015

F-word In The Navel - Outlawed Since 1311

A unique and intriguing discovery was recently made by a medieval historian...don't they have all the fun? Dr. Paul Booth an English Historian came across the name Roger Fuckeinthenavel in the Chester County Court plea rolls of 1311.

Roger Fuckeinthenavele was named three times in English court records, which in turn outlawed him. That's how it was done in 1311. If all that wasn't interesting enough the real gem in this is that it's the earliest documented record of the F-word being used. What an amazing discovery. People have been saying F**k for at least 700 years. I don't why but in a way I don't find that surprising at all.

It's presumed that Fuckeinthenaveleit was an unfortunate nickname for poor Roger. Isn't it awful how you get those nick names and they just stick and never seem to go away. I mean 1311, that was 700 years ago, and here we are all calling poor Roger Fuckeinthenavel again. Wasn't it bad enough that he was outlawed?

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