Monday, June 6, 2011

Lori Foster's Reader & Author Get Together

Hi everyone,
Margaret is the winner of the Blog Contest - she won an authograph copy of Druid Brde

I just flew into Houston last night at 10:30 pm form the Lori Foster Reader and Writer Get Together in Ohio. Saturday was the big day with a workshop by Jean Stark on a survey asking readers, what makes you buy a book? The number one reason, no surprise, is recommendation from a friend. I loved her panel and I learned a lot.

The day continued with Leanna Renee Hieber’s fantastic workshop on The Joys and Struggles of Being Different. She writes out of the box about characters that are different. I read her book, The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss. Percy Parker. I found it incredible. Loved it. There is no unusual machinery in the story so I would not call it steampunk but still if you like steampunk you will like it. It's set in Victoria England in London and involves ghost and gods so I included a photo of a Victorian ghost I took at Aetehrfest. The characters in Leanna Renee Hieber's tale are strong and haunting. It is a strangely beautiful paranormal/ romance that I adored and I highly recommend it. I found her panel incredible as well. People that read my work know I’m a bit out of the box myself and write from my heart and I adore that in others as well.

The main feature of the day was the Barnes and Nobles Book Signi I signed my books D Bride, The Wolf and The Druidess, and Peace Love Music. My book signing neighbor was C.H. Admiranhttp who is so sweet, and the author of the Secret Live of Cowboys series and has also written Scottish Romances as well. The cover artist on several of her books Bill Freda was there as well. You can see the photo of me taken with Bill as well as the picture of C. H. Admirand and Bill Freda together. There were long lines the entire time for Lori Foster at the signing and I’ve posted a photo of her autographing some her many books.

Speaking of signings, I’m having a blog contest. Post a comment and you can win an autographed copy, signed to you, of Druid Bride. Leave an email with your comment of question so I can notify you if you win and sent your gift to you.
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  1. Wow!!!! You're having waaaay too much fun!!

  2. Amazing photos. I know you're going to always remember this trip and I thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. Thank you so much Diana and Sarah. I appreciate your comments so much.

  4. Thank you so much Margaret, I appreciate it.

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